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Adoption Assistance Program (AAP)

This content can help employers learn about the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) and provides resources to help support groups through onboarding, enrollment, and beyond.

Helpful Downloads and Links

AAP member materials - The information here provides a member-focused view of the AAP.

AAP Essential Guide - This guide provides a comprehensive overview of AAPs for your employees.

AAP Fact Sheet - This set of FAQs answers several common questions about the AAP.

AAP Sell Sheet - The sell sheet provides a more detailed look at the AAP.

AAP Claim Form - This is the form members need to complete to file a reimbursement claim for their AAP.

AAP Plan Design Guide - If you want to set up an AAP for your group, fill out this plan design guide to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a debit card available for the Adoption Assistance Program?
Because reimbursements require supporting documentation, a debit card is not available.
What happens if an adoption doesn't go through?
For canceled adoptions, you can stop your payroll deductions to prevent any additional contributions. For domestic adoptions, you can also submit a claim reimbursement form for expenses already incurred but not yet sent. However, any remaining funds in your account will be forfeited.


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