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Further COBRA Services Enrollment Process

This guide can help you understand the COBRA process for employees.

Further COBRA Services helps you streamline spending account and COBRA administration while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance. Further manages the end-to-end COBRA administration and communication on your behalf.

When one of your employees experiences a qualifying event such as ending employment, the employee will go through a process to determine if he or she is eligible for COBRA benefits, and if so, deciding whether to enroll in COBRA benefits. 

Here are the steps of the COBRA process when utilizing Further COBRA Services:

COBRA enrollment process

Once you have elected to offer COBRA through Further COBRA Services, enrolling employees is easy. Here is the process:

  1. When a qualifying event occurs, the employer notifies Further of the event
  2. Further mails a COBRA notice to the beneficiary within 14 days of the event. The notice will explain who qualifies for COBRA benefits and what benefits will be covered.
  3. The beneficiary decides whether to enroll in COBRA benefits
  4. If the beneficiary chooses to enroll, Further will administer COBRA benefits
  5. The beneficiary terminates or becomes terminated from COBRA benefits after designated coverage amount runs out.

What is COBRA?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a federal law requiring specific group plans to provide individuals and their families who lose their health insurance the right to continue their group coverage under certain circumstances and qualifying events for a specified period.

You can elect to pay for COBRA continuation coverage for participants or pass those expenses on to individuals to pay. Premiums cannot exceed the full cost of the coverage, plus a two percent administration charge.

Plans that are subject to federal COBRA include group health plans maintained by state or local governments and private sector employers with 20 or more employees including:

  • Health plans
  • Dental plans
  • Vision plan
  • Health spending accounts
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