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This content in this section is meant to help employers learn about our POP plans and includes helpful forms and resources necessary to support groups through onboarding, enrollment, and beyond.

Helpful Downloads and Links

POP Member materials - For even more information about our POPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my employees send a canceled check as expense supporting documentation?
No. Canceled checks do not qualify as IRS-acceptable documentation.
Can my employees use the funds in a POP or TaxSaver account for expenses incurred after terminating from employment?
No. Expenses incurred after your employees' employment has ended are not eligible to be paid.
Do my employees need to provide original copies of the supporting documentation submitted for reimbursement?
No. It is best if your employees send us copies of supporting documents and keep the originals.
What happens to the funds remaining in a PRA or TaxSaver account at the end of the plan year?
According to federal tax law, funds remaining in your employees' POP or TaxSaver account after the end of the Claims Submission Period are returned to the employer. Please refer to your Summary Plan Description for additional details.


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