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Finding Your SA ID

Your Spending Account ID (SA ID) is the member identification number for your accounts.  Here are a list of simple ways you can find your number so you can use all of the tools available for your account.

You will need this number to be able to register for online access to your account and possibly for other reasons such as filing a reimbursement claim.

On the Account Verification Form

Shortly after you enroll in your accounts, we will mail you a Welcome Packet that includes an Account Verification Form. Your SA ID will be printed in the middle of the form where it reads "Your Spending Account ID Number:" The number will also be on the top right of the form between your employer and the date of the letter.

Online in the Member Portal and Mobile App

When you want to register for online access to your account on the website or the mobile app, your SA ID will be the first question asked. Once you are registered and can view your account online, you can see your SA ID by clicking My Profile once you're logged in. Your SA ID will be showing in the drop down menu underneath your name.

On the mobile app, once you're signed in, you can tap the menu button in the top left-hand corner of the screen next to the Further logo. Your SA ID number will be showing underneath your name at the top of the menu.

Automated Phone Service

If you cannot find your SA ID, you can contact Further by phone and our system will read your SA ID number to you. You won't have to speak to a representative.

Call us at 800-859-2144. Here are the steps to get your SA ID number:

  1. Identify yourself as a member
  2. Press "star" to indicate you don't know your ID number
  3. Enter your social security number
  4. Enter your zip code
  5. The system will read your SA ID number off to you
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