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Investment Options for your VEBA

You can invest a portion of your VEBA into a basic investment account. This page covers your mutual fund options the fees associated with maintaining the investment account.

Available Mutual Funds

See the VEBA Mutual Funds list

Investment options

Investment options are through an arrangement between Further (your account administrator) and the Charles Schwab Trust Company (the sub- custodian for the investment accounts). As one of the most recognized names in the investment industry, the Schwab platform gives you access to mutual funds from various fund families, as well as planning tools to help you manage and analyze your investments.

When your account Base Balance reaches $1,000

When your account Base Balance reaches $1,000, you can activate your self-directed Basic Investment Account with the Charles Schwab Trust Company as the investment custodian. This account gives you access to a variety of mutual funds from the Schwab’s Mutual Fund OneSource Service. The mutual funds available under this option are selected by Devenir LLC, a registered investment advisor. There is an additional annual fee for an investment account.

You can open a Basic Investment Account at Generally, you will be able to access your investment account online within two to three business days after you open it. You can then obtain mutual fund prospectuses, select the mutual funds in which you wish to invest, determine how much to invest and allocate future contributions.


Investment accounts are self-directed and self-managed

Investment accounts are self-directed and self-managed. This means you decide whether and when to invest, select the mutual funds you'd like to invest in, and decide how much to invest. If you need help with this process, you have access to online resources and tools through the Schwab site accessible from your VEBA account at


If you choose to invest money beyond $1,000 from your VEBA into a basic investment account, you'll be responsible for an $18 fee per account per year deducted annually from your Basic Investment Account and is only deducted when the Basic Investment Account has a balance.

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