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Text Message Services

You can receive text messages with notifications and updates for your account. Here are instructions for signing up, turning it off, and using the service.

One way to stay updated on your spending accounts is through Further's text messaging service. We can send you notifications when contributions are made to your accounts, as well as when reimbursement claims have been processed. You'll also be able to see your updated balance after the contribution or claim.

To start or stop text messaging

You can enroll or cancel text alerts in the Member Portal. Follow these steps: 

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click My Profile in the top right corner
  3. Click Communications Preferences in the drop down listing
  4. In the Text Alerts section, click the toggle so that it moves to the right and turns blue (if you are trying to cancel, click it to turn it gray)
  5. If you are enrolling in text messaging, you will receive a text message notification welcoming you to the service

In addition to turning off text messages in the Member Portal, you can also stop receiving messages by texting Stop to 73529. 

To be able to receive text messages, we must have your mobile phone number on file. You should be able to see that on the Communications Preferences page in the Member Portal on the right side of the screen. If you need to update your information to reflect your current mobile phone number, follow these steps

  1. Click the Edit Information button on the right side of the Communications Preferences page underneath Your Contact Info
  2. Click Update Phone from the menu
  3. Complete the 2-step authentication security process
  4. Make sure your phone number is entered correctly
  5. Click Save Changes

The Further text message and landing page

A great feature of the Further text messages is that we won't put your sensitive account information in the text message itself. In each message, you will receive a link to a private webpage. Your account information will appear on that page. 

This will be the process for your first message:

  1. When you first enroll in text messaging, you will receive a message welcoming you to the service.
  2. In that message, the link will send you to a landing page to verify your identity and create your password.
  3. You will enter your date of birth to verify your identity.
  4. Next, you may need to create a password. (Once you've registered your password on your device, you will not need to enter a password when visiting a page on that device from a text message link. You will only need to use the password if accessing the link from a different device.)
  5. You're good to go! You will be able to navigate on the landing page, see your information, and use any available links.

Further partners with Relay to distribute the text messages. If you already subscribe to a Relay text messaging service through another company, you and your device will be recognized by Relay and will not need to enter a password. Your password for Further will be the same as that password. If you do not remember that password, you can click Forgot Password and follow those steps to create a new password. 


What is Relay?
Relay is a trusted and secure mobile customer communication network. We have partnered with Relay to provide members with an extra level of personalized service to help better manage your financial and HSA services.
Am I charged for text messages from Further?
No. Text messaging is a free service offered on behalf of Further to our valued members. Depending on your mobile plan, standard message and data rates may apply.
What happens if I text "Help"?
If you text "Help" to 73529, another text message will be sent to you containing a link to the Relay Help site. If the information on the site doesn't answer your questions, you can contact the support email address listed on the Relay Help site. To contact Further support, please use the member support phone, email, or online chat options.
Who can see the information in my text message links?
Just you. Our text messaging service is for private, one-to-one communications between you and Further.
Will my mobile number be shared with 3rd parties?
No. Your mobile number or any personal information will never be shared with 3rd parties. Your privacy is our number one priority.
How many text messages will I receive from Further?
Your text messages from us will only be for need-to-know information. Further will send you messages when there are notifications related to your services.