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HSA Spenders: An Overlooked Majority

Many HSA administrators are eager to promote the value of saving HSA funds. But studies show the majority of account holders are HSA spenders--people who use the account to pay for health-related costs as they occur. In this whitepaper, learn why HSA spenders are important and how you can properly support them.

Not only do spenders make up the majority of HSA account holders, they also have great potential to disrupt the market and bend the trend of rising health care costs in America — more so than savers. This is why it's important to take deliberate steps to support HSA spenders when offering benefits, including:

  • Protecting them from fees
  • Offering multiple reimbursement methods
  • Supporting them through care decision points
  • Focusing on education--beyond the saver-focused tips most organizations share

Check out our whitepaper, HSA Spenders: An Overlooked Majority for more explanation and tips on appreciating and supporting HSA spenders.

Read the whitepaper


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