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Industry Resources

Industry Resources
This guide contains articles, white papers, and analysis that we've prepared on the health spending account and benefits industries.
  • Getting Employees to Use Health Savings Accounts
    More organizations are offering HSAs and more employees are adopting them, but studies show they still don't know much about using them. Our whitepaper offers helpful tips to increase employee usage rates.
  • HRA Regulations Update Summary
    An explanation of the new regulations regarding HRAs that were announced June 14, 2019.
  • HSAs - The Past, Present, and Future
    Health savings accounts (HSAs) were born in 2003. How have they evolved into the popular health care plan they are today, and what direction could they go in the future?
  • HSA Spenders: An Overlooked Majority
    Many health savings account (HSA) administrators are eager to educate on the value of saving HSA funds. But studies show the majority of HSA account holders are spenders--people who use the account to pay for health related costs as the occur. In this whitepaper, learn why spenders are important and how you can properly support them.
  • IRS Permits Additional Preventive Care Benefits for HDHP Coverage
    On July 17, 2019, the IRS issued guidance that expands health savings account (HSA) qualified expenses.
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