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Communication Playbook - Health Savings Accounts


Health savings accounts (HSAs) are a great way for employees to take charge of their health care costs. As an employer, you play a critical role in providing education and resources so employees can decide if an HSA is the right choice for them. This step-by-step communication “playbook” includes the resources you need to effectively communicate the benefits of HSAs to your employees and help them get their accounts set up hassle-free.

Additionally, you can encourage employees to sign up for our "6 Smart Ways to Maximize HSAs" email series. The emails will include HSA basics and great tips for making contributions as well as expenses.

Start the conversation

Whether you're introducing HSAs to the entire organization, onboarding new hires, or reviewing options before open enrollment, it helps to provide a high-level overview of HSAs prior to discussions.


If you've offered an HSA before, send offer new insights into the benefits 

This email template offers the latest data showing how HSAs are increasingly relevant in the year 2024. 

HSA promotion letter

Here are some tips for using the email 

If HSAs are new to your group, or to a set of your employees, send an introduction letter

This email template allows you to send a customized email message from your human resources leader or team. 


Cover the basics

Before benefits discussions, it's also helpful to provide material that covers the basics about HSAs. This can make benefits conversations more productive. We recommend posting these materials on your benefits site or company intranet site, or distributing via email or as a physical copy.


HSA Essential Guide 

This document provides an easy-to-read overview of HSAs, and can help employees decide if an HSA is right for them and how to maximize their savings.

HSA open enrollment guide

This link brings employees to a site providing HSA enrollment tools, resources, and information. We suggest sending this to employees via email or posting to your company’s intranet or benefits site.

Product comparison chart

Use this chart if you are offering multiple health spending account options to employees. 

This document designed to help employees understand the different accounts. It is editable so you can add or remove products to fit your communication needs. 

Product comparison chart Use this chart if you are offering multiple health spending account options to employees.  This document designed to help employees understand the different accounts. It is editable so you can add or remove products to fit your communication needs. 


Invite discussion

Even if in-person benefits presentations are not possible, it's helpful to connect over the phone or online to review this benefits option. This gives your employees a chance to ask questions and better understand their options.


Schedule informational meetings

Share a presentation about HSAs

This simple presentation walks through HSA basics and includes hypothetical examples. 

HSA presentation

PDF version

Provide more information about Further HSA investment options

Highlight the benefits of investing to maximize retirement savings.

Investment Options presentation.

Review our fact sheet

Before meeting, prepare to answer basic questions you may run into.

Provide the HSA worksheet

Whether the meeting is in-person or virtual, be sure to distribute the HSA worksheet. It shows employees how to estimate their potential costs and savings with an HSA. Using their own information, employees can explore how an HSA might work for them.


Support employees during enrollment

Your employees have decided to enroll in an HSA. Now what? Continue to support them during enrollment by helping them make their elections and letting them know what to expect. 


Help your employees enroll

You can either gather enrollment elections from your employees and submit them to us, or have employees open their own accounts. Your Further representative can help you determine the best method for enrolling your members. You can contact our group services line with questions at 1-888-460-4013.

Use the Group Portal

Monitor and manage your group’s Further benefits.

Need to manage enrollment via mail?

Inform employees about what comes next

Once enrollment has been processed, your employees will start to receive their welcome letters and debit cards. Make sure they're aware that their debit card will come in a plain white envelope. 

Encourage employees to consolidate funds

Make sure your employees understand the benefit of moving funds from their old accounts into their new HSA. A bigger base balance means more interest that they can accrue. If they have funds they wish to move, provide them with the following forms:

HSA one-time IRA rollover request form: Authorizes a one-time rollover of funds from an employee’s IRA to an HSA.

HSA transfer request form: Authorizes transferring an employee’s current HSA into a Further HSA.


Help your employees take advantage of their new accounts

In order to take full advantage of their accounts, employees need continuous education and encouragement from you. Further offers a variety of resources that make it easy for you to share and promote.


Provide employees direct access to their new online account 

Post or provide a link to Further’s mobile-enabled website at The site works well for any screen size—whether it’s a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Remind employees where to access educational resources

You can do this with a simple email including the following link to the materials on our learning site.

HSA educational resources

Promote the customer support phone number

If employees have additional questions about their account, they can call our customer support phone number from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday: 800-859-2144.

Have Questions?

As always, we’re here to help. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for online, give us a call at 1-888-460-4013 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. Or, you can contact your account manager.