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6 Smart Ways to Maximize Your HSA: Potentially Eligible Items

What are "potentially" eligible HSA expenses? Here's what you need for determining if your expense is eligible.

Most HSA expenses can be paid directly from an HSA with no required paperwork (please save your receipts in case you need them for an IRS audit!). However, there are also several things you can use an HSA for if you have a doctor’s note called a Letter of Medical Necessity.  

The Letter of Medical Necessity is confirmation from a doctor or other medical provider that youre purchases are medically necessary. Examples of these types of expenses include: 

  • Athletic club memberships and exercise equipment 

  • Dietary supplements including vitamins and minerals 

  • Ear plugs 

  • Service animals 

  • Group therapy for a family member 

  • Massage therapy 

  • Orthopedic Shoes 

  • Special education costs for dependents with disabilities 

  • Wigs 

For a more extensive list, review our Eligible Expenses page on the Learning Center. Items shown as “potentially eligible” will require a Letter of Medical Necessity

Additionally, there are expenses known as Capital Expenses. These are another type of potentially eligible expense if purchased to make an improvement or add special equipment to something like your home or your car for a medical reason. An example of this is a ramp for wheelchair access. These do get a little more complicated, so if these might be relevant to you, we recommend reviewing our Capital Expenses article on the Learning Center